Outreach Clinic

Reaching out and giving back

The outreach clinic was launched in 2014 to compliment and support what the feeding program is already doing; that is taking care of the under five children and those slightly above five with unique health challenges like HIV/AIDS, by supplying them with nutritious food supplements and basic medications. This initiative has added value to the feeding program because the children are managed holistically. The outreach clinic is also open to family members who could be unwell in body on the day of the treatments.

The common childhood illnesses amongst our children are malaria, cough or cold, malnourishment, anemia (low blood), and HIV/AIDS related infections. These are conditions which our volunteer nurse is able to manage because she is trained in childhood illnesses and HIV/AIDS management. The outreach clinic reports monthly to the local registered clinic. Those that need continuum of care and admission are referred to the local clinic.

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